We only hire the most experienced and reliable windsurfing instructors. With the help of their expertise and the great equipment we are proud to say that stepping up one level is a guarantee!
Each class lasts approximately 3 hours per day and are divided into three learning phases: 1) theory with time on the simulator, 2) quality time on the water, 3) video training with analysis after class. Level 1/2/3 classes are taught in morning and start at 9 am. Your instructor will welcome you and explain details, work on the rigging of your gear and theory. Most of the time until noon will be spent on the water. Level 4/5/6 are considered afternoon classes and start at 1:00 pm with necessary theoretical instructions for the intense training on the water until the Ora ceases (4 pm). In case of lack of wind we will hand you a reimbursement voucher (expires after one year). Extra equipment required during the class, such as wetsuit, shoes, harness or life jackets, are included.

Your windsurfing career starts at 9 am with a light north wind.
The agenda:Theory and teaching time on the simulator, getting used to the rig, gear 101, balancing exercises on the water, getting started, up hauling, steering and staying on a reach. After a short time you will be able to head up wind and sail in light wind conditions.

In light to moderate wind conditions you will fine-tune you steering and sail handling abilities. The class starts at 9 am.
The agenda: Faster tacks, long board jibing, beach start and harness techniques. This class will enable you to control your gear in stronger winds and acquire appropriate long board steering techniques

It’s time to get hooked! A retracted dagger board and foot straps will help you get up to a plane. The class starts at 9 am and will last through the first period of the south wind when the surface of the water is still flat. Funboard 101: Sailing without a dagger board, foot strap techniques, board steering, planing. This class is the bachelor’s degree to funboard sailing.

Planing and controlling your small board is not a big problem anymore. Time to learn the water start. This class requires strong wind. Thus we start at 1 pm with lots of helpful pointers and plenty of quality and quantity time in the water.
The agenda: Step by step techniques for an energy saving launch out of the water, advanced sail techniques for better planing and power jibing basics. Once you’re on track, you never go back!

A minimum of 15 knots is required and off we go to learn the most important turn in funboard history: The power jibe. Your instructor will meet you at 1 pm and get you ready for this moving session.
The agenda: Perfect planing, advanced foot strap techniques and the power jibe with all her beauty.

There are no limits at this level. We offer all the flat-water freestyle tricks.
The agenda:Duck jibe, aerial jibe, flaka, willy skipper, body drag, duck tack and many more. Our top of the line instructors will supervise you through the highly technical moves, work on the theory, discuss the crucial points and put everything into action on the water.
  2 hours € 75 + € 20 gear rental
  3 hours € 115 + € 20 gear rental

INTRO CLASS 3 hStd € 62

4 day class (12 Std) € 250
1 day class (3 Std) € 75 5 day class (15 Std) € 295
2 day class (6 Std) € 130 6 day class (18 Std) € 320
3 day class (9 Std) € 195 7 day class (21 Std) € 350
Rental gear for one week after the class:
After 3 days class € 129,00 - After 5 days class € 99,00 - After 7 days class € 79,00